Sunday, October 19, 2008

My Straight life.

Let me start by saying I liked having unnaturally straight hair. I guess you could've called it my pride and joy because everyone thought I was Indian or something. Somehow I made it look extra shiny and "white" like. Well, in April of 2006, on a whim, packed my stuff and moved to Miami. Very bold move might I say. I was of course single and not looking for a relationship at all. I met a young fella (who will be nameless) whom I started dating. As we were dating, I ended up moving in with him which is where he saw my routine for getting my hair unnaturally straightened hair perfectly coifed whenever we were to go out. One night he asked me, why did I do all that stuff to my hair? You know, I had been unconciously asking myself the same question, but never answered it. He asked me why did I spend so much time manipulating and altering my natural hair? Why don't I just let my hair grow naturally. So yes, I was inspired by my now ex-boyfriend to go natural. And just a side note, he is white!

PhotobucketJanuary 9, 2007 I went to my local haircuttery and found somone to chop off alot (not all) of my hair. I figured why transition? But to be honest, I didn't know about transitioning so it wouldn't have made much of a difference anyway. At the same time, I always wanted one of those really short pixie cuts so this was a good time to experiment. This is when I officially began my naturally journey.

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  1. I would have assumed you are indian too... Love your natural look...

    As for being inspired by the ex.. you aren't the only one... my case was more of accepting the fro rather then hiding it by pressing it out...