Sunday, January 3, 2010

Fro Hatin'

The other day I went out with my girls to a bar in downtown Miami. At the time, I had done a dry twist out on my hair which resulted in REALLy big hair (see pic). I loved my hair that day though and so did my friends who have wavy to straight hair. And the fact that it lasted a whole day of me being outside in the rain was also a bonus.

Anywho, when we got inside of the bar I noticed a couple of girls to my left. As I was passing them, I heard one say "I hate that..." while pointing at me. I can safely assume it was about my hair because I looked around and there was no one else next to me or behind me and I was pretty much the only non-conforming looking person in there. Yes, I was irritated and I did look at her for a few seconds longer but I soon brought myself back to reality and kept on with my business.

Now, the next incident I don't know if it was a bad thing or a good thing but I wasn't comfortable with it. I was talking to my girl while facing the bar and noticed a really bright flash going off behind me, like a camera of sorts. When I noticed it going off again, I turned around and saw a guy aiming his camera phone in my direction as it was going off. Again, I had to keep on with my business and think nothing of it. But I must admit, I did have this urge to go off on the guy and find out what the deal was. But, I had to regain control of myself and realize that you can't help people who are ignorant and rude.