Monday, November 9, 2009

2 Naturals Get Together and Good Herrr (movie review of Good Hair)

I know my blog is about my naturaly hair journey but this post will also be about my love life. Yes folks, I said it. I have a BF now and coincidentally, he's a natural. He has locs to be exact, but natural nonetheless. He's a wonderful guy and I absolutely adore him!

Recently, we had a short discussion (one of many) about black women and their hair. Basically, he has dated black women in the past and the one thing he couldn't understand or stand is how they allow themselves to be limited by their hair. I'm sure many of you know black women who won't go to the beach/pool, workout, or even have sex for fear of sweating out their fresh perm/relaxer. This was one of a few reasons why he was dating more non-black women than black women and rightfully so. I would be frustrated too if I was limited to certain types of activities I could enjoy with my SO because of their hair!! That's just crazy.

The discussion was prompted by the movie Good Hair, or how my BF likes to say Good Herrr. Lol. Anyway, we went to see the movie (reluctant on his end) and it was informative. Though I wish it had touched on the subject of those of us who don't use chemicals, it was still an interesting movie. I couldn't get over how much money the hair industry makes off black Americans annually. Its a multi-billion dollar industry! I believe it of course, but I just wish that it wasn't so. All of the chemicals, potions, lotions, promise of long flowing luxurious hair are just to get women and men to spend their money in excess. False hope and promise is what drives that industry IMO.

Though I felt it lacked information and thorough research, I still felt that it was done in good taste and enjoyed the comedic satire. I hope the person who decides to make the next Good Herrr does so.